If you decided to have a British Shorthair cat in your home, we can provide a high quality kitten by contacting us. Please, introduce yourself and the best way to reach you. We only sell our kittens as pets and we want our kittens to find a loving home. Under certain circumstances, we might sell our kittens to certain breeders under certain conditions.


Our kittens are leaving their cattery home to a new home around 12 weeks old. When you buy a kitten from us, you will receive a sales contract, pet passport and a package with samples of food the kitten is used to make its way to the new home as smooth as possible. We like to stay in contact with all new owners and we are more than willing to help with anything concerning your new kitten.



An official pedigree is a detailed record of your cat’s genealogy that documents each ancestor’s title status, color, and registration number. Complete with the TICA logo and TICA’s official seal,

The pedigree is laminated and ready to frame.

□ 3 Generation Pedigree – $25.00

□ 5 Generation Pedigree – $50.00

All our kittens and cats are pedigree cats registered with TICA. (The International Cat Association). We, as breeders, are responsible for furnishing correct pedigree information. A kitten will go to a new home without the pedigree paper because we have the right to withhold registration papers until the buyer furnishes proof that the cat has been altered so that it cannot reproduce. The buyer has right to refuse to have pedigree at all. Then there is no expense on documents for you. However, if you, as the buyer, decided you need pedigree papers for future cat’s events, such as attending a cat show or for any other reasons, then you will pay an additional $25 for 3-generation pedigree or $50 for 5-generation pedigree. Prices are confirmed with TICA.



Our vaccinations are current at time of transfer. The kitten is going home with a guarantee of being in good health and certification from the veterinarian of all vaccinations and deworming. The upcoming vaccinations are the responsibility of the buyer.



If a kitten is not available at the time you would like to have one, we certainly put your name on the waiting list and will announce availability as soon as we can. There is no fee to be on the waiting list; however, we will collect a non-refundable deposit of $500 after we guarantee availability of a kitten. The fees are collected for the purpose of shedding off uncertain buyers of the kitten. Deposit will go toward the purchase price of the kitten. The balance has to be paid in full prior to transferring the ownership of the kitty.  

Please, watch the video below. I was forcing to file a lawsuit on one of my buyers, Marcella Agh and her husband Atilla Agh from Princeton, NJ, who were playing a game with me about making payments. I ended up at the People’s Court https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n5_7X9GjDKM. 

We will ask you to sign a given basic contract of sale at the time of transferring the kitten. If you would like to read the contract prior to sale, you have the right to request it by email which we will gladly provide a copy of it.



We feed or cats with Royal Canin. Every day our cats and kittens receive raw beef cubes or cooked chicken, turkey, or pork for better health and a beautiful coat. It is your choice what you will buy for your pets; however, we strongly recommend to feed your kitten for the first couple of weeks with provided food that you will receive at the time of transfer. Also, if you choose to get some other dry commercial cat food, please, be advised that you should start making a mixture of provided food with your cat food of choice in ratio:

3:1 for the first 3 or 4 days; then

1:1 ratio for the next 3 to 5 days; then

1:3 for the next 3 to 5 days.

Eventually, you might feed your new pet with food of your choice. It is very important to follow this outlined schedule to give time for your kitten to get familiar with the new food; otherwise the kitten will refuse to eat his/her new food at all.

Please, remember, fresh water in a ceramic, glass, or stainless still bowl should be provident at all time.

If you should have any questions on how to feed your new kitten or problems with feeding, email us and we will gladly help you. Also, you might want to call your local veterinarian with your concerns.



We might deliver your kitten to you for a certain fee or you may pick it up from our home. Other shipping options are available.



We have the right to refuse to sell any cat or kitten at any time prior to a written contract being signed. We also reserve the right to return/refuse deposits on kittens/cats at any time prior to them leaving for their new homes.

Owner: Larisa Gregoire

Email: blueduchesscats@gmail.com

Home: 717-834-9158

Web: BlueDuchessCats.com